Cancellation Policy

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At Fly Fares US, we understand that plans can change. We have formulated our cancellation policy in such a way that its clarity and fairness ensure the provision of all details that are important for making decisions in travel arrangements.

General Cancellation Policy

  1. Periods allowed for canceling:
    1. A refund for canceling is usually possible when it is made more than 24 hours before the actual take-off time by the airline.
    2. An additional amount may be charged for canceling a flight within 24 hours of the time of departure or ineligible to receive a refund from an airline.
  2. Timeframe for Cancellation:
    1. If you cancel at least by the day before the scheduled time of departure, you will be refunded the entire cost, subject to the airline's terms and conditions.
    2. Anyone who cancels twenty-four hours before departure will either not get a total repayment or will pay some extra cash following guidelines stipulated for different airlines.
  3. Refund Processing:
    1. We will return your money within ten business days starting from the date set as the time of purchase cancellation. The payment service provider that was used for booking will refund the corresponding value of what has been charged to the customer`s credit card.
  4. Tickets that cannot be refunded:
    1. There may be tickets that are called non-refundable. This means that you either lose money by canceling them or convert the price to a credit for any future airline journeys.
  5. Bookings Made by Other Parties:
    1. For flights booked through third-party providers or partner websites, please refer to their specific cancellation policies as they may differ from ours.

Policies Specific to Airlines
Major Airlines: When making a booking, you should check out the airline's rules on cancellations as every airline has its own set of rules on how they cancel flights and they can be very detailed about how they compensate passengers for money spent on tickets, additional costs incurred and how they allow passengers to change their travel dates.
Low-Cost Carriers: Budget airlines often have stricter cancellation policies. Be sure to check the fine print before confirming your booking.
Flexible Booking Options
Travel Insurance: It is strongly advised that you purchase travel insurance in order to protect your trip from unexpected events that may make you have to cancel it.
Flexible Air Fare: Think about booking airfares that are flexible or refundable to have more peace of mind and be able to make changes easily.
How to Cancel a Booking?
Access Your Booking: Log into your account on Fly Fares US and you'll be able to cancel the booking.
Find My Trips: Go to "My Trips" and locate the booking there.
Choose Cancelation: Follow the prompts given and your reservation shall be canceled after which an email will be sent notifying you of this action.

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For cancellations help, the customer care department will be of assistance. Reach us through an email at or dial +1-800-969-1587
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